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Khalil Kalantar




Khalil Kalantar He was born in Azerbaijan, October 1953. He lives in Japan for 22 years. He has finished his studies in Japan in the field of Electronic Engineering and Optics Engineering. He has degrees of Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), Master of Engineering (M.E.) and two degrees of Doctor of Engineering (D.E.).

He is a senior directing manager in a Japanese Company. He has almost 60 patents in Japan, U.S.A, Taiwan and South Korea. He has almost 50 scientific and technical articles and papers in Japanese and English.

He designs and fabricates illumination systems for the Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) such as PC notebooks, Cellular Phones and Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), Amusement systems, Car Navigation Systems, Monitors and TV sets. He has almost 30% of the world wide market for LCD.

For more information, please see the following magazines in your near by library.

1) Gekkan Display published in April 2003 .

月刊ディスプレイ Vol.9, No.4, p.1, 4, 9, 37, pp. 27-33

2) Gekkan Display published in June 2003 .

月刊ディスプレイ Vol.9, No.6, 29-34.

3) Nikkei Microdevices published in June 2003.

日経マイクロデバイス 62003年、p.113.

4) Semiconductor FPD World published in June, 2003 pp.80-81.

The following are some of the latest published articles and papers:



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