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     More about  R. Shahhuseynli, Ph.D.

Regardless of country of residence and the kind of profession engaged in whoever considers himself/herself  Azerbaijani should do constructive things for the HOME COUNTRY by making maximum use of  his/her intellectual, physical, and material capacities.

   Keeping this in mind, founding the AJFA and promoting Azerbaijan in Japan within my limited  resources is one of my deeds for Azerbaijan."

Founder and President of the

Azerbaijan-Japan Friendship Association
 Rahman Shahhuseynli, Ph.D.


    Azerbaijan-Japan Friendship Association (AJFA) has been founded on November 21st, 2002, in Nagoya city of Japan. The founder of the Association is Rahman Shahhuseynli who was enrolled at Master's Program in International Cooperation at the Graduate School of International Development of Nagoya University when he established the Association. Some Japanese professors and students  of Nagoya University have also taken an active role in the founding the AJFA.   
     The main purpose in creating this Association is to make Azerbaijan known publicly in Japan. The main drive for establishing the AJFA was the fact that by that time time most of the Japanese did not even know the name of this country. The Association aims to establish tight friendship and cooperation and cultural and educational relations between these two countries. The Association aims to create true and positive image of Azerbaijan among the Japanese people by publicizing Azerbaijan's history, language, literature, customs, geography, music, folklore, well-known personalities, and other specific features.
     One of the main goals of the Association is to bring the facts of occupations of the Azeri lands, the Karabakh province above all, to mass public attention of Japan. The Karabakh war, the Khojaly genocide, the Malybeyli mass-killing and many more, all of which have been committed by Armenians, are made public in Japan through activities of the Association. In addition, the AJFA searches and collects reliable sources of information about Azerbaijan and Japan, publishes them in its bulletins and the web site, and tries to divulge any biased sources of information that harm the friendly relations between the two countries. The AJFA helps its members and beneficiaries of its services to access correct information about Azerbaijan and Japan.


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