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Solidarity Day-2002
Cultural Event
UDON Party
KHOJALY Massacre-'03





     Azerbaijan-Japan Friendship Association (AJFA) regularly organizes events, entertainment programs, round-table discussions, and
 conferences and seminars on various topics related to these two countries. The Association organizes events of national holidays, memorable days, and national mourning days existing in a calendar year of Azerbaijan and Japan. Through these activities, the AJFA aims to make its members and beneficiaries of its services more closely familiar with the two nation’s culture and life styles. The AJFA also searches and promotes the ways in which teaching comparatively customs and traditions of both countries to each other would be feasible. The Association promotes and establishes the methods of learning the true histories of the nations directly from each other rather than from some sources which misinform and distort the facts as to their nasty interests. One of the primary backgrounds of AJFA events is to show the similarities of our cultures, nuances in the ways of thinking and in many other moral values of the two countries, despite they are located in  different and quite far geography.
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